Get Started Breastfeeding – Patient Handout

Who it’s for:

This is a good handout for parents who are breastfeeding, at the breast. It also contains some information that would be useful for parents who are feeding their baby expressed breast milk.

What it’s about:

This handout addresses some of the most common concerns for new parents giving their baby breastmilk. Specifically, this handout talks about how to know if baby is getting enough to eat.

When should it be given:

It will be the most useful in the first 3 days of baby’s life.


Breastfeeding Info Thumb

Free to download, print, and use with your patients!

In collaboration with Jodi Palmieri BSN, IBCLC; Janice Moeller BSN, IBCLC; Sherri Roller RN, MSN; and Maris Huffman WHNP-BC


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