Tips for Latching – Patient Handout & Video

Free handout to download and use with your patients.
Black & White for easy printing & photocopying!


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Who it’s for:

This is a good handout for parents who are breastfeeding their baby.

What it’s about:

This handout addresses some of the key parts of getting a good latch when putting baby to the breast.

When should it be given:

It will be the most useful to parents in the first 1-3 weeks of baby’s life. Give it to them when you have time to go over latching and to walk them through the handout. If your patient has easy internet access, they can also watch the video below.


You can also check out this great video made by the Global Health Media Project ( It shows video of real women breastfeeding with examples of good latching.

Authors: Lexi Abel, MPH, APRN & Darcie Moeller, MD


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