Tiny Changes to Help Lose Weight – Patient Handout & Video

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Who it’s for:

This is a good handout for anyone who wants to lose weight.

What it’s about:

This handout addresses some small changes that anyone can make to help meet their weight-loss goals.

When should it be given:

Any time!



Many of us like to eat dinner in front of the TV. Turning off the TV when you eat might actually help you eat less and enjoy your food more.

We think of nuts as a healthy snack. They can be good for you but are high in calories. Pistachios in the shell are a good choice because they are lower in calories than most nuts. Besides, you have to take time to get their shells off which might make you eat less of them.

Do you like drinking soda, beer, or wine? You might not need to quit drinking these beverages entirely but they add a lot of calories to your diet. Try to cut down and drink more water instead.

I’ve always loved my coffee with lots of sugar and cream. See if you can enjoy your coffee black. If you’re like me and just don’t like your coffee that way, try limiting yourself to just one cup a day.

We all eat unhealthy snacks, like potato chips, from time to time. One problem with these snacks is how hard it is to stop eating once you’ve started! Instead of snacking straight out of the bag, put the portion you want to eat into a small bowl and put the bag away. If you want more, you will have to go through the extra effort to go get another portion.

Sandwiches can make a good, healthy meal. Whole grain bread can be good for you but if you eat a lot of bread consider having a large salad instead. Most sandwich ingredients work really well as a salad!

A lot of us think of fruit juice as healthy but it can actually be as bad for your health as soda. Eat an orange instead of having orange juice, or an apple instead of apple juice. That way, you get all the sweet juice with the healthy fiber in it as well.

Are you a red meat lover? Do you eat it often? Occasionally switch it out with healthier options. Mushrooms have a lot of flavor and a meaty texture that can be a good substitute for meat in many recipes.

Cafeteria food and restaurant food tends to be less healthy than the food you prepare yourself at home. When you know you’ll be out of the house during lunch time, pack a lunch to bring with you.

Losing weight is really difficult for most people but making small changes in your daily lifestyle can help.

Authors: Dr. Darcie & Neal Moeller

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